One thing that has struck me again and again is that humans really do seem to have a sense of being watched. I see this a bit more with kids than with adults, but the awareness is strong and undeniable across the board. I generally shoot from inside street cafes, or often from inside my own shop, seated in a recliner with the AC on. I'm generally in the shadows. I'm not hiding nor am I invisible; I just shoot from comfortable spots usually well off the streets, with a longish telephoto. These are hella busy streets and sois with extreme activity going on all around every rider. Flashing lights, snarling soi dogs, barely clothed girls, other motorbikes swerving and passing in a region where lanes are barely a suggestion -- yet so incredibly often, riders and passengers will be cruising along, and then very suddenly, jerk their gaze to zero in exactly on me, maybe 50 yards away. You'll see this phenomenon often in these snaps. It fascinates me.

Another thing I've noticed is that people ride with their eyes close a lot!. Actually, they don't. They just blink a lot -- far more than I ever dreamed.

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Western USA and SE Asia

Currently, Pattaya (Naklua),
Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand.
Subject to change at any given moment.

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Scooters and motorcycles are a way of life in SE Asia. Without them, society would screech to a grinding halt.


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